HEL-Long Life and Deep-Cycle Environmentally Friendly VRLA

摘要: Brief Introduction:Shoto HEL series battery is the n

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Brief Introduction:

Shoto HEL series battery is the new hi-tech product designed for Renewable Energy Sources based on international advanced technology; With corrosion-resistant alloy material, special grid design, proprietary activator, low density electrolyte technology. HEL battery devote itself to protect our Environment and Human with green clean energy and natural resources used effective.

Main performance:

? The cycle life more than 2400 times, 60%DOD

? At PSOC state, the cycle life more than 3000 times, 20%-60% DOD

? The design float charging service life is more than 15 years

? Wide service temperature, -20℃?50℃ is applicable


? Solar and photovoltaic storage system

? Deep cycle without public grid or hybrid electric 

? High temperature

? High power UPS   

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